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Britons advised on city break value

wallet and passport12/6/14

By Ian Lewis

British holidaymakers wanting to get the most out of their travel money should think about city breaks in the Far East, Egypt and eastern European, the results of a new survey suggest.

The cheapest city to take a break in was found to be Hanoi in Vietnam.

A one-night stay in a top hotel, cocktails, a meal for two with wine and two short cab journeys in the Vietnamese capital will cost travellers just £92, TripAdvisor found.

Hanoi is followed in the value for money stakes by Jakarta in Indonesia, the Egyptian resort Sharm el Sheikh and Thailand's capital Bangkok - where the same package will cost visitors less than £100.

London most expensive city to stay in

Travellers seeking value but wanting to stay a bit closer to home will fare best in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where the cost of the stay totals £112.

People travelling to other European destinations, opting for a stay in London, or flying across the Atlantic to New York, though, will need to save up harder for their break, TripAdvisor suggested.

The same city break package will cost visitors £312 in London, making it the most expensive major city to stay in.

The next most expensive city break destinations were found to be Paris, New York and Stockholm in Sweden.

'Asian destinations most affordable'

TripAdvisor's league table also includes European cities Copenhagen, Oslo, Zurich and Helsinki in its 10 most expensive alongside Sydney and Toronto.

Eating out was found to cost the most in Stockholm, with Oslo having the costliest cab fares and New York the priciest four-star hotel accommodation.

TripAdvisor's James Kay said: "This year's results show that Asian destinations are still the most affordable, while European destinations continue to top the most expensive list.

"However, Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Czech Republic seem to be bucking this trend so may serve as the best places for UK travellers looking for a city break that's closer to home."

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