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Boston offers the best bargains

Bargain tag27/11/12

By Daniel Machin

Brits doing their Christmas shopping across the pond should visit Boston instead of the Big Apple or the Windy City if they want to save money.

There are some great bargains to be found in the US, with prices of designer items in Boston, New York and Chicago around a third cheaper compared to London, according to a festive shopping guide from Post Office Travel Money

Prices of almost 200 items price-checked were found to be around 4-6 per cent cheaper on average in the Massachusetts city than in New York or Chicago.

Whether you're after clothes or the latest technology, it turns out America is the place to get it.

Certain apparel will cost you 61 per cent less if bought stateside rather than in London, while savings of a third are commonplace across toys, electrical goods, fashion accessories and footwear.

Skincare and make-up products are around 22 per cent cheaper in the US compared to England's capital, with Kindles and iPads also offering significant savings.

In addition, Christmas shopping holiday packages are lower in Boston. Research from travel company Hayes & Jarvis reported that a four-night trip to Massachusetts would cost less than £600, while tourists on a three-night visit to New York would have to fork out around £750.

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