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Bali offers 'best value' getaway


By Daniel Machin

Bali is now the best-value long-haul destination for travelling Britons, according to a major new report.

A Post Office Travel Money survey has revealed the Indonesian island offers some of the cheapest items that are considered essential for any holiday.

On the other hand, Darwin in northern Australia came out as the priciest location.

Ten typical items of expenditure, including a three-course evening meal for two, cost just £43.91 in Bali but were as much as £124.69 in Darwin.

Bali has overtaken Sri Lanka

Bali - renowned for its highly developed arts scene - has been a tourist haven for decades, with its many white sand beaches making it the ideal place to kick back and relax.

It has overtaken Sri Lanka as the best-value long-haul spot, with prices having risen steeply in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.

Cape Town in South Africa is another destination which offers good value for money, with the 10 items costing as little as £49.57.

Britons can also get a lot of bang for their buck in Hoi An in Vietnam (£53.04) and Phuket in Thailand (£54.39).

At the opposite end of the scale, Auckland in New Zealand (£121.35), Singapore (£120.85) and Beijing in China (£115.74) are among the most expensive holiday spots.

Tourists advised to look at whole picture

"After a summer when sterling bought less holiday cash for trips to Europe, winter sun tourists can look forward to seeing their pounds stretch further in many of the most popular long-haul destinations," said Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money.

"However, we advise them to consider the whole picture and not just the package price before booking."

For Brits wanting to sample a bit of American culture, Orlando in Florida offers the best value while Miami has the highest prices.

In the West Indies, meanwhile, prices have dipped sharply in Jamaica and have also gone down elsewhere in the Caribbean, including in Barbados and Antigua.

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