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Airports signpost way to confusion

Passengers rushing in the airport30/1/14

By Mark Stillman

The most confusing foreign airports to navigate have been named and shamed in a new poll.

Orlando (US), Malaga (Spain) and Faro (Portugal) baffle British travellers with bad signage more than any others, according to a OnePoll survey of 2,000 people commissioned by car hire broker Holiday Autos.

Alicante and Palma de Mallorca were other Spanish airports to feature high on the list.

Sydney Airport was shown to be easily the most straightforward to navigate, then came Berlin, Brussels, Geneva and Schipol.

Poor signage main cause of confusion

The average holidaymaker spends well over half an hour going from the gate to a car hire desk on arrival, the research found.

Nearly half (47 per cent) blamed poor signage as the most frequent cause of confusion.

Travellers were also exasperated by the lengthy walk through the terminal, at just under half a mile (0.8km), together with the typical 17 minutes it takes to reach the main road once in a car.

Younger people found the journey from the airport car park to the main road the most confusing.

They take on average five minutes longer than their middle-aged equivalents by taking about 20 minutes attempting to locate the right exit, the poll said.

Travel stress

Nearly half of British motorists overseas would feel more comfortable at the wheel with a pre-programmed sat-nav and national driving regulation guides.

Kevin Currie, managing director of Holiday Autos, said: "For many people, a stressful part of travelling to a new holiday destination can be navigating through unfamiliar airports.

"However, with so many things to think about when landing on foreign soil, a little direction can go a long way.

"Once out on the road, driving abroad can offer the freedom, flexibility and comfort that only a car can bring you.

"But customers do need a helping hand in that first leg of the journey."

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