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Airport chaos acts as wake-up call

  •  11 Apr, 2014
Crowd of people at an airport

MPs say all of the country's airports must learn from the passenger complaints made during the Christmas Eve chaos at Gatwick Airport.

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Heathrow bosses wary of T2 opening

  •  13 Mar, 2014
Heathrow T2 under construction

Heathrow bosses are determined not to repeat the same mistakes of the Terminal 5 fiasco six years ago when they open a new £2.5 billion terminal in a few weeks.

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Britons face hotel price increases

  •  04 Mar, 2014
Sharm el Sheikh resort

British holidaymakers are facing hotel price hikes in more than half of the most popular overseas tourist destinations.

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Virgin space flight 'set for 2014'

  •  25 Feb, 2014
Richard Branson Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic's long-awaited first space flight will take place in 2014, Sir Richard Branson has said.

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Gove warns over term-time holidays

  •  25 Feb, 2014
A family enjoying splashing in the sea

Michael Gove has told parents it is "wrong" to take children on holiday during term time.

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Airports signpost way to confusion

  •  30 Jan, 2014
Passengers rushing in the airport

The most confusing foreign airports to navigate have been named and shamed in a new poll.

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Fewer chartered flight delays in UK

  •  15 Jan, 2014
An aeroplane takes off into the sunset

Holidaymakers faced fewer delays on charter flights last summer than for many years.

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Britons 'saving to fund holidays'

  •  13 Jan, 2014
Algarve coast

Low interest rates are not enough to deter Britons who are saving money for a holiday.

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CAA lowers charges for airlines

  •  13 Jan, 2014
plane on runway

Air passengers are being promised lower-than-planned price rises following aviation regulators' decisions on just how much airlines are charged by London's three main airports over the next five years.

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Twice-in-a-lifetime trips popular

  •  10 Jan, 2014
young couple snorkelling in maldives

A once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday is now twice the experience it used to be, a new survey suggests.

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