Honeymoon travel insurance

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Honeymoon travel insurance
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What is Honeymoon travel insurance?

You'll want to ensure that your first trip together as a married couple will run smoothly and without any problems. Travelling with the right insurance could act as a safety net against any mishaps like lost baggage, travel delays and unforeseen illnesses.

  • Cover for honeymoon travel insurance is usually the same as you would expect from a standard policy (couples' policies require you to live at the same address)
  • Cruise and ski policies are also available
  • Most policies offer a 24 hour helpline, so you could contact your insurer wherever in the world you might be

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What could travel insurance cover on your honeymoon?

  • Medical cover could help you make sure you and your partner can get medical treatment should you fall ill or injured during your honeymoon
  • Delays due to poor weather, strikes or mechanical problems could also be covered
  • You could also be covered for any cancellations if you cut your honeymoon short or you're forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Your documents and money could also be covered if your items are stolen or accidentally lost
  • Since your wedding rings can be quite expensive, the level of cover available could change between insurers, and in some cases might not be covered under a standard policy. If in doubt, get in touch with the insurer to double check

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Honeymoon travel tips

Don't make any decision purely based on price - make sure you read the small print, understand the policy conditions and exclusions before to ensure you get the right cover for you and your partner's needs.

Research and familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations of your honeymoon destinations by taking a look at Foreign travel advice given by Gov.co.uk.

Get any jabs or vaccinations you need for your honeymoon destination well in advance.

Keep your paperwork in order and safe in your hand luggage in case you need them. Here are some useful documents that might come in handy:

  • Copies of reservations, flights, passport, visas, medical documents and a wedding certificate
  • Copy of your travel insurance policy, policy number and contact number
  • Receipts, report and proof of purchase to support your claim if anything is lost or stolen

Unsure of what surname to use when booking your trip? Brides might have to travel under their maiden name just one last time as your passport, tickets and travel insurance have to have the same details.

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