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Fact list -
  • The USA has a population of 307 million in a space of approximately 9,629,091 sq km. So there is plenty to go round
  • Has a vast array of countryside to explore
  • Some great deals can be had to make your holiday cheaper
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  • Popular Mediterranean beaches
  • Full of historical places to explore
  • The tulip originated in Turkey
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  • Thai currency is the baht
  • Known for its stunning countryside
  • Check travel advice before going as some areas are not advisable for tourists
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Middle East

  • Home to the three great monotheistic religions
  • Rich in history and culture with amazing landmarks and history
  • Do your research beforehand as some countries are not recommended for tourists at this time
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  • Egypt has a history going back thousands of years
  • Currency is the Egyptian pound, consisting of 100 piastres
  • Capital city is Cairo
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  • Dubai has the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest man-made islands
  • The Lost Chambers are a man-made underwater labyrinth built to be a lost city of Atlantis
  • Sheikh Mohammed is the ruler of Dubai, UAE vice president and prime minister
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  • Cuba is the most populated island in the whole of Caribbean
  • Around 3 million tourists visit Cuba each year
  • Cubans refer to it as ‘El Cocodrilo’ as the island looks like a crocodile
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  • Second largest country in the world with a population half that of the UK
  • Has both English and French as its official languages
  • 15% of the worlds diamonds are produced in Canada
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  • A country of harsh but beautiful landscapes
  • Population is approximately one third that of the UK
  • Popular destination with backpackers and those on gap year travels
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  • Whatever you look for in a holiday, you will find it in one of Asia’s many countries
  • Popular for adventurous travel and backpacking
  • Some countries may not be for unseasoned travellers so do your research
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  • Deserts, rain forests, grassy plains and snow-capped mountains can all be found in Africa
  • Great for adventurous holidays
  • Do your research before embarking on a trip to Africa