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Blog: Top packing tips for your adventure holiday

Hiker taking in a view atop a ridgeDeciding what to pack for a trekking or adventure holiday isn't easy. We explain how to travel light without forgetting the essentials.

When packing to go travelling, you can often feel like you need to take everything but the kitchen sink with you, just to make sure you have covered all bases. 

But really the key to travelling is packing light. Chances are you’ll be carrying your bag from airport to hostel and then on several legs of your trip, so the last thing you want is to be dead on your feet from carting round a heavy load.

A light backpack

The backpack you choose to take with you can make or break your packing decisions. It needs to be light yet sturdy and of course comfortable if you are going to be wearing it for long periods.
Berghaus backpackBerghaus Jalan II 60+10 rucksack £99.99


The Jalan II rucksack from Berghaus is built around a Biofit back system to ensure the ultimate comfort while providing a range of useful features, including a bottle pocket and most impressively, a breakaway day sack that just needs to be unclicked to use separately.

Micro-fibre towel

Rather than carry around a bulky towel that will struggle to dry if it’s shoved back in your bag, micro-fibre towels are a great space-saving alternative.  

Trekmates micro-fibre towel

Trekmates soft fibre towel (extra large) £19.99


This soft fibre towel from Trekmates is perfect for travelling as it is absorbent and offers quick drying, meaning you never have to pack a soggy towel. 


Micro-fibre towels are also anti-bacterial, so if you don’t have access to a washing machine for a few days you needn't worry too much.


Walking boots

When it comes to footwear, ideally you don’t want to take more than two pairs – one for walking around in and a pair of flip-flops or sandals for relaxing. 


If you intend on making the most of your surroundings and doing some walking or hiking, a good pair of boots or trail shoes are a must. 

Meindl walking bootsMeindl respond mid boot £119.99

These walking shoes from Meindl are both waterproof and breathable, so you will never get wet or sweaty feet. 


With a secure fit and a stable heel fixation, these boots will become your best friend when you face a range of terrains and walking distances.


All-round jacket

If you’re visiting a number of different countries with varying climates, an ideal jacket will be something that is warm and waterproof, but won’t leaving you dripping in sweat should the temperature rise.
Jack Wolfskin jacketJack Wolfskin Spectrum 3–in-1 jacket £169.99


The 3 in 1 Jack Wolfskin Jacket is an ideal jacket to accompany you on your travels. With a shell and inner fleece layer that can be worn either on their own or together, this jacket is adaptable for any weather condition and any temperature level.

Safety pouch

When visiting another country and possibly travelling alone, it is crucial that you don’t mislay any important documents or money.

Trekmates neck pouchTrekmates neck pouch £5.99


A neck pouch such as this one from Trekmates allows you to discretely keep all your important bits and bobs in one place and hang it under your clothing to ensure you always have it close by.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, with these basic essentials, all you need to do is take limited clothing and toiletries, and you should have a travel kit that will serve you perfectly for the duration of your adventure.

This guest blog was written by Helen Sutherland from outdoor specialist Great Outdoors Superstore.

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