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Cheap skiing hotspots for winter 2011

A family skiing

The cost of skiing in Switzerland has soared as the pound has struggled against the Swiss Franc. So where can you now get the most for your money this winter?

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The common myths of ski cover

A family skiing

Skiers and snowboarders will be heading to the slopes this winter but there are a few widely-held misconceptions when it comes to winter sports travel insurance. Make sure you have the right cover before you go.

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Travel agencies slammed for 'expensive extras' racket

Airport departure board

A number of leading travel agents have been attacked for automatically including expensive extras such as travel insurance or larger baggage allowances on customers’ bookings. A new investigation reveals the culprits.

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Why I’m taking a grown-up gap year

A couple's feet by the edge of a pool

Married fifty-something Patricia Fletcher is heading to Kenya for three months. She explains why and offers budgeting tips for those planning their own mid-life gap year.

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Travel currency rip-offs under investigation

Currency Jigsaw

The consumer affairs regulator is to investigate whether holidaymakers are being ripped off by banks and foreign exchange firms when they spend money abroad. We lift the lid on what's happening.

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Tipping etiquette around the world

Euro banknotes

British travellers may be renowned as the world’s worst tippers, especially when it comes to foreign travel.

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Best British bus journeys

wide open road in a foreign country

Forget about the hassles of driving or parking and enjoy a relaxing journey by bus this summer. Here is a selection of Britain’s finest bus routes.

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Travel firm collapse: Your rights

Sunny beach

Holidays 4 U has gone bust with almost 13,000 UK travellers overseas and many more in the UK unable to go on booked holidays. Here’s our easy-to-use guide on what to do if you’re affected.

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10 charges to avoid at the airport

An airport terminal

Airports are expensive places. First up there’s duty free to tempt you into spending your holiday cash, not to mention plenty of sneaky rip-off charges before you make it to the departure gate. Here are 10 to avoid.

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5 beaches to visit without a trip to the coast

Flip flops on the beach

Want a day on the beach but can't face those motorway traffic jams and costly seaside car parks? How about taking a trip to some of the UK’s inland beaches instead?

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