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Tips for a stress-free Gap Year


Whether you’re deferring entry to university, or taking a lengthy break from work, preparation for your travels is key – so we’ve come up with some money-saving pointers.

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Things not to forget before taking a family holiday

Family holiday

Away on a family jaunt? We’ve compiled a list of things not to forget, relating to home security, energy consumption and travel insurance.

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Don't let the Six Nations leave you with a sick feeling

A rugby match

There's a cracking feast of Rugby Union coming up over the next two months as the 2010 Six Nation Championship starts up on Saturday 6 February.

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Insurance covers holiday disputes

  •  02 Feb, 2010
A building site in France

Disgruntled holidaymakers will be able to use a new type of travel insurance to fight firms who breach their contract.

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Travel: Know before you go!

World traveller's suitcase

If you’re off on holiday or travelling abroad, then here are some really sensible tips worth bearing in mind, and some useful links too.

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Tourists 'unaware of travel jabs'


British holidaymakers could risk invalidating their health insurance policy, with many found to be in the dark about the vaccines needed for foreign travel, a study has warned.

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Christmas shopping abroad? Don’t let a bargain become a crisis

Christmas shopping

Shoppers excited by their overseas shopping trip and concentrating on making savings can forget to ensure they have the right insurance to cover the cost of gifts they're bringing home.

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Don’t get caught out by airline charging tactics

Money down the drain

The way we pay for travelling by air seems to have changed so much in recent years. Once upon a time a package holiday would include in-flight meals and refreshments, although they could be limited in supply depending on which airline you used.

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Beginner’s guide to flying: The flight itself!

Vapour trails left by planes

If you’re new to airline travel, you may find it a little daunting. However, your handy travel companion is here to put your mind at ease.

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Beginner’s guide to flying: Booking your ticket

plane on runway

A handy guide to booking your flights if you’re new to airline travel. This covers where to shop, how to pay, flights for young children, and sorting out the all-important travel insurance.

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