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Why I’m taking a grown-up gap year

A couple's feet by the edge of a pool

Married fifty-something Patricia Fletcher is heading to Kenya for three months. She explains why and offers budgeting tips for those planning their own mid-life gap year.

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Travel currency rip-offs under investigation

Currency Jigsaw

The consumer affairs regulator is to investigate whether holidaymakers are being ripped off by banks and foreign exchange firms when they spend money abroad. We lift the lid on what's happening.

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Best British bus journeys

wide open road in a foreign country

Forget about the hassles of driving or parking and enjoy a relaxing journey by bus this summer. Here is a selection of Britain’s finest bus routes.

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10 charges to avoid at the airport

  •  27 Jul, 2011  
mother and child
Extra costs when you fly can put a dent in your holiday budget. We explain how to avoid them.  Read More…

5 beaches to visit without a trip to the coast

  •  14 Jul, 2011  
Flip flops on the beach
There are plenty of places in the UK to enjoy the beach without travelling to the coast. Here are our top 5.  Read More…

5 things to avoid getting wrong this summer

  •  11 Jul, 2011  
Passport on map - teaser
Have you checked your flight tickets for spelling mistakes? Or got the kids’ car seats ready?   Read More…

Get a good deal on airport parking

A plane on the run way

Airport parking charges can bump up the price of your trip. But planning ahead will help keep costs down.

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10 things to do before you go on holiday

  •  01 Jul, 2011  
Couple on holiday
Get prepared before your trip.  Read More…

Staycation - teaser
Staycations might seem like hassle-free holidays but forgetting to cover yourself and your valuables could land you with hefty bills.  Read More…

How to beat the airlines’ baggage restrictions

  •  02 Jun, 2011  
Travelling light means you avoid extra charges when you fly.  Read More…

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