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Travel insurance buyers' guide: Winter sports insurance

A ski resort in the sunshineTaking a ski or snowboarding holiday?

More and more people are getting the winter sports bug. Snowboarding and skiing can be great fun - but they can be dangerous too (we think it's much safer to stay in a nice warm bar and watch!). Even if you're lucky enough not to have had a fall, most skiers and snowboarders know someone who's hurt themselves on the slopes.

The increased risk inherent in skiing and snowboarding is why many basic travel insurance policies exclude these activities. It is, however, vital that you are covered and don't merely rely on your EHIC - as a big crunch can very easily happen. If you already have annual travel insurance, check it carefully - it's possible that your skiing trip isn't fully covered.

Follow this link for a detailed breakdown of what travel insurance cover to take out before emarking on a winter sports holiday

Winter sports tips

  • When skiing, don't forget to take time to acclimatise to the altitude. You don't want to miss your ski holiday just because you fall on icy ground when you arrive!
  • Check for cover for mountain rescue costs. You will also want cover for the cost of prepaid expenses such as ski passes and skis, and any expenses incurred as a result of delays caused by avalanches.
  • If you are skiing, be aware of the potential for theft of equipment from places like lifts, mountain restaurants, cable cars, car parks and bars at the end of the day. Remember - always keep an eye on your equipment!

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