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Let be your holiday planner

Hand on a is the perfect travel companion. We can sort out your insurance for you, organise your holiday finances… Even help you choose your holiday!

Plus we can give you some great tips on how to save money into the bargain. All this without getting embarrassingly sunburnt on the first day.

Let us take you on holiday

We've got some great holiday deals on offer, regardless of the time of year. Whether you just fancy a short-hop city weekend, or the adventure holiday of a lifetime, we've got something for you. So why not check out our hot offers today?

Hiring a car abroad?

If you don't want to pay an arm and a leg hiring a car abroad, well... You guessed it - we can arrange that for you too. With our easy-to-use comparison service, you can get prices from around 800 car rental firms, with an incredible 28,000 pickup points worldwide.

And here’s something else worth knowing

The excess on car hire abroad (and indeed car hire in general) can be pretty steep. Therefore having a prang – even if you are blameless – can be a costly affair, and really put a dampener on your holiday. But now it’s possible to get insurance that could cover the excess charge in the event of a claim, for a fraction of the cost. Sounds good, no?

Find out more about car hire excess insurance here.

Taking the pain out of spending abroad

Using ATMs abroad may seem hassle-free, but usually it ain’t cheap. Stick that card in the wall and you can expect fees and loadings (automatic charges that you pay to the lender) with interest on top. So before using your credit or debit card for holiday cash, check out their terms and conditions. Or – better yet – find a card which dispenses of these charges altogether.

There are plenty of cards available that specialise in low (or even no) foreign exchange fees. Don’t just take our word for it though. Compare credit cards to use abroad here, and find the deal that best suits your needs.

Top travel insurance tips

We can also compare travel insurance policies, of course. And we want you to get the best deal you can. So, with this in mind, here are a few pointers to help you get the most bang for your buck:

Gimme tips quick! I’m leaving soon…

If you’re heading off on holiday imminently – say, in less than a week – then it might be worth checking to see if cancellation cover applies on a policy. Some travel insurance providers stipulate that the cancellation should be more than ten days before departure. If that’s the case, then you may as well opt for a policy without cancellation cover – which could work out cheaper.

Actually, I’m in no rush

Phew! Well in that case it’s an idea to book your insurance early in order to make the most out of your policy. For example, cancellation cover begins the moment you take out your policy. So even if your policy start date is the day you leave – and that day isn’t for ages – your cancellation cover will still be in effect during the lead-up period.

Travel insurance tips for all

And here are some general travel insurance tips that can be helpful regardless of where and when you’re going:

  • Make a list
    What exactly will you need on your holiday? Lots of warm clothes? A stack of books? If you’re going to be carrying a big load of stuff, then be sure to go for a policy with a higher limit of baggage cover. If you’re going for a short holiday and travelling light then this won’t be necessary.
  • Go-go gadgets
    In the same vein, make a list of the gadgets and expensive items you’re planning to take, like cameras, MP3 players and so on. Make sure that their value falls within the single item limit of your policy, as you don’t want to be left short in the event of a claim.
  • Think long-term
    Annual policies cost more than single-trip policies on the face of it. However, they can prove to be a shrewd investment if you take more than one holiday a year. This needn’t mean lengthy jaunts abroad either… You will be covered for domestic trips throughout the year, such as weekenders.

Travel insurance

Find the right travel insurance for a city break, your summer holiday or even a global adventure.

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