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Baggage cover: Bag yourself a great travel insurance deal


It’s possible to get holiday cover for even less money if your home insurance comes with baggage cover.


What is baggage cover?

Baggage cover is a travel insurance addition that protects your baggage and contents whilst you’re having fun on hols. 

By paying a modest extra premium, you could be covered up to an agreed amount for any loss or damage to personal belongings that you’ve packed in your luggage.

This of course means there’s less chance of you pulling a Naomi Campbell-style strop at the airport if your bags go walkies.

Typically, baggage cover can help if:

  • You lose passport documents stored inside your bags
  • Your baggage gets delayed
  • Your luggage goes missing
  • A personal item is lost, stolen or damaged whilst you’re away - most insurance providers will cover you up to £1,500 for items that are lost or stolen on your trip.

Baggage cover: The exclusions

Other potential exclusions in your baggage cover include:

  • Loss of belongings and money not carried in your hand luggage whilst travelling
  • Unattended baggage – compensation may be denied if your bags are stolen through your carelessness
  • Failure to report stolen property to the police within 24 hours of discovery may invalidate your insurance claim. Report any losses or thefts immediately and obtain an incident report for further support.
  • Some expensive contact lenses, medical and dental items.

NOTE: Airlines are also responsible for lost baggage. If your baggage is delayed, you can ask the airport for an immediate cash payment to cover essentials such as toiletries. 

Also, if your baggage goes missing and isn’t recovered after 21 days, you are entitled to compensation from the airline. 

So, where does home insurance come in?

You might already have cover for your personal belongings whilst abroad under your contents insurance policy, so it’s worth checking beforehand rather than paying for the same thing twice.

Many insurance companies cover personal belongings in foreign countries for up to 60 days under an additional personal possessions policy, so make sure you read the policy details to see if this applies to you. 

(Note: if you are away up to 60 days, you may invalidate your home insurance as some providers will cancel a policy if a home is left unoccupied for over 30 days – again, read the small print.)

But if you are able to exclude baggage and personal belongings cover from your travel insurance, you could save around 25% on your policy.

‘New for old’ – what’s the deal?

Most travel insurance policies tend to settle claims on a compensation basis, so rather than getting that prized ‘new for old’ cover that some contents insurance policies offer, you’ll only be able to claim back the amount of money your item was worth when it was lost or stolen.

Some More Travel Tips Before You Fly To Brighter Skies

  • Think about investing in an annual policy if you’re planning to jet off a few times this year – it could work out cheaper than buying several single trip policies.
  • Get the best deal on currency exchange – read Holiday Cash – Win a Gold Medal for Making Your Cash Go Further Abroad! for some great foreign cash tips.

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