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Freedom struggle arrives in Morocco

By Kev Kiernan

The recent popular overthrow of the Egyptian and Tunisian dictators has inspired the Moroccan people to also fight for liberation from authoritarian rule.

Protests have erupted across the north African country including in the popular tourist city of Marrakesh. Its foreign visitors are probably now checking their travel insurance documents to figure out where they stand.

Tens of thousands of ordinary people are demanding the wealthy ruler of Morocco, King Mohammed VI, gives up some of his powers. Demonstrations took place on Sunday in Rabat, the capital, Casablanca, Morocco's biggest city, as well as in Marrakesh where protesters were attacked by police on Sunday evening.

Some analysts had claimed that Morocco's monarchy would not be targeted by the uprisings sweeping the entire Arab region.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has told British travellers not to travel to Libya. The uprising there has now spread to the capital Tripoli.

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