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Why travel to Africa?

It’s hard to grasp the sheer size and magnificence of Africa. It is a continent whose natural resources and wonders have been coveted over for generations, and no wonder its diverse wildlife and mineral wealth have brought fame and fortune to many.

  • With 54 countries to choose from, Africa is a great choice for a backpacking holiday
  • From Gambia to Morocco, you can indulge in culture, adventure and relaxation

You can read book after book and watch many travel programmes about this amazing continent and they still won’t prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead.

Why do I need Africa travel insurance?

  • Medical costs - According to the South African media, medical costs in South Africa are up to 5 times higher than those in other countries
  • Going on an adventure? - Consider additional cover if you're going on a Safari trip
  • Cancellation protection - In case your once in a lifetime trip is postponed

Get covered for:

  • Medical treatment – If you fall ill or injure yourself while on holiday
  • Loss/ theft – Get insured in case your camera gets stolen by a monkey 
  • Adventure activities – You might need additional cover if you’re doing any adventure sports or wildlife activities in Africa. Take a look at out handy guide to find out what can be excluded from your cover

Africa: Checklist

  • Vaccinations – Arranging your vaccinations for Africa should be high on your to-do-list. Some African countries require proof of immunisation for diseases like Hepatitis A, typhoid fever and polio.
  • Organised trips - There are many organised tours of African countries which could be worth considering. Not only is this a safer option than going alone, you might find special rates by booking in advance.
  • LOCATE - Register with LOCATE to keep a record of where you are travelling and where you will be staying. This is used to help the embassy to contact and assist you if there's a disaster or any civil unrest in your area.

Africa: Did you know?

  • The current population of Africa is nearly one billion people, which makes up about 16% of the world’s population
  • Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the most populous city in Africa with an estimated 17 million residents in the metropolitan area
  • There are around 3,000 distinct tribes in Africa
  • The Nile River is the longest river in the world with a total length of 4,132 miles
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