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Blog: Don't fall for these motoring myths

A speedometer

Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller says that drivers should be aware of the law rather than rely on dubious popular wisdom about what is and isn’t illegal.

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How to stop your bank account being raided

Stacks of coins under an umbrella

You may not know this but your bank can dip into your accounts to settle credit card or loan payments, without your permission.

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The best energy suppliers revealed

Gas hob

New industry figures show an overall drop in complaints made against Britain’s leading energy suppliers.

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Blog: Dodging a speeding conviction is harder than it seems

Police car

Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller says that escaping a speeding conviction through a legal loophole is not as easy as the press makes it sound.

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Who to complain to when things go wrong

A man with his hands held out out in frustration

If anything goes wrong with a financial product or service you pay for, it’s up to the supplier to put things right. If they don't, there's help out there. We tell you which bodies can deal with your complaint.

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Blog: Why aren’t ministers tackling drink driving head-on?

Traffic lights

The police released new figures this month that showed a 15 per cent increase in the number of drivers aged 25 or below testing positive for drink-driving or refusing to take a breath test.

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Riots: Will your home and motor insurance cover you?

A burnt out van in the London riots

Insurance companies will honour claims made on home and motor insurance policies for damage incurred in the riots that are sweeping England, it has been confirmed.

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Avoid these holiday motoring traps

Car on a map

Break the speed limit on your travels and your vehicle could be confiscated. We look Europe’s strict driving laws and what you need to be aware of so you don't end up with a fine or points on your licence.

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How your financial adviser could be taking advantage

Folded twenty pound notes

A new rule will see the cost of financial advice become more transparent from 2013. However, it could mean some people pay more than they need to for years to come. Find out what’s going on.

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How much does it cost to make an insurance claim?

frustrated man making a complaint

It pays to check insurance policy small print to see how much it can cost if you need to make a claim.

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