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Are you paying for something that should be free?

Money down the drain

PPI claims firms are just one example of consumers being persuaded to pay for something that they could just as easily get at no cost. What other cover are you paying for unnecessarily?

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Is 4G worth the fuss?

EE shop sign logo

EE, owner of Orange and T-Mobile, is now offering its customers much faster internet connection with a new, more expensive, 4G service. But is it worth the cost?

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Save your way out of an emergency

Piggy bank with coins

Unexpected household costs such as replacing a broken boiler, can hit family budgets hard. Do you have enough saved to cover such emergencies?

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TV goes social: The rise of the second screen

Man and woman on couch with mobiles

Television viewers increasingly watch their favourite programmes with mobile devices in hand, using them to find info related to things they've seen, connect with other viewers, or generally browse or email during the adverts.

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The best credit cards for motorists

Cost of Christmas

If you use your motor regularly, consider switching to a credit card that rewards you for buying fuel.

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Blog: Thrifty tips for new mums

baby nappies and toys

Every new mum will tell you that having a baby is a very expensive business. Here to help, Alexandra from Green People shares her thrifty tips for new mums.

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How the EU Gender Directive affects car insurance for women

How the EU gender directive will affect car insurance

Head of car insurance Gareth Kloet explains what the EU Gender Directive is, how it will affect car insurance and offers advice to women who will be most affected after December 21 2012.

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Should you be rushing out to buy superfast broadband?

Coloured fibre optic cables

If you’ve ever cursed that little buffering wheel when you’re trying to watch a video or missed the end of an online auction because the page didn’t load fast enough, your internet connection could probably do with an upgrade.

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Blog: Impress your partner for less than £10

a romantic gesture

Even on a tight budget there’s still plenty of ways to treat the special person in your life. Here’s 10 of the best ways to impress for less than £10.

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Android vs. Apple: Which is best?

iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3
As the gift-buying season looms, you may well be dreaming of a shiny new smartphone to adorn your pocket. But the big conundrum facing gadget-lovers today is: do I go for Android or Apple?  Read More…

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