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Fake accidents cost drivers £400m a year

Car collision on main road

Criminals who stage fake accidents are costing motorists hundreds of millions of pounds every year in insurance. We explain how to steer clear.

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Electric car sales at record high

  •  13 Nov, 2013
electric vehicle badge

A growing number of motorists are getting rid of their petrol and diesel-powered cars in favour of green models.

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Car review: Škoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti exterior

The Škoda Yeti is no looker. But beauty really is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to motors, writes car reviewer Tim Barnes-Clay.

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£1.9bn to be spent on roads in 2014

  •  13 Nov, 2013
A busy motorway

Funding worth almost £2 billion will be used to improve the roads in England and Wales next year, the government has announced.

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Car review: Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler exterior

Updated in 2011, the Jeep Wrangler offers legendary capability and interior comfort. Off-road enthusiasts will love it, writes car review Tim Barnes-Clay.

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Car review: Jaguar F-TYPE

Jaguar F-TYPE exterior

The Jaguar F-TYPE marks a return to the car maker's heartland, focusing on performance, agility and driver involvement, writes car reviewer Tim Barnes-Clay.

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Drivers sacrificing car maintenance

  •  07 Nov, 2013
Car service

Motorists are putting themselves and others in danger by trying to penny pinch rather than fix simple vehicle faults in time for winter, according to a poll by Suzuki and Brake.

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Dodgy cars scrapped within weeks

  •  05 Nov, 2013
Exhaust fumes from faulty car

Citizens Advice is being inundated with requests for help from motorists experiencing problems with "dodgy" used motors, new figures reveal.

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The UK's best & worst drivers

UK best and worst drivers small teaser image

An app that can prove you're a good driver? MotorMate by does just that! We’ve used the data to identify the best and worst drivers in the UK.

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Yorkshire drivers best in UK

Busy motorway

Drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber are the most capable in the UK while those in the North-east of England came bottom of the pile, according to new data.

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