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Young drivers' insurance cost down a third

young male driver giving thumbs-up sign

There's good news for young drivers as car insurance prices fall by almost a third, with prices down by 28.4% for young men and 31% for young women.

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Car insurance prices down almost a fifth

Car key on insurance policy document

There's good news for cash-strapped motorists as the latest edition of's quarterly car insurance price index shows the cost of cover has fallen for all drivers.

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Cars prove first date turn-off

  •  24 Mar, 2014
Woman taking drive with boyfriend

The practicality of 'estate' style cars makes them a poor choice for people going on first dates, according to new research.

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Car insurance price drop for young drivers

Young man and women in a car

Good news for young drivers: The average cost of car cover is down by between 12% and 23%, according to the latest car insurance price index.

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Ministers delay road safety paper

  •  20 Dec, 2013
Young male driver in car

Ministers have once again postponed the publication of a Green Paper on young driver safety.

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Curfew for young drivers put on hold

Car headlights at night

Government proposals to cut road accidents by imposing a night-time ban on young drivers have been delayed once again.

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Blog: 41% of drivers admit they can't park

A car reverse parking

Does the thought of parallel parking leave you cold? Do you avoid reversing into a space? Some 41 per cent of drivers say they are not good at parking. Are you?

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11-16-year-old driving lessons

5th day of Christmas

We have one-hour driving lessons for children age 11+ to give away on 5 December. Click to find out more.

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Black box insurance set to go mainstream

Two cars and coins in front of insurance sign

Millions of drivers say they will consider signing up for "black box" insurance when they next renewal date. Is this type of cover set to go mainstream?

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Driving test proves harder to pass for older motorists

Young and older male drivers

Motorists aged between 51 and 55 have the highest number of attempted driving tests with more than 40 per cent more tries than 17-year-olds, government figures show.

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