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Children at weddings: yes or no?

Children at wedding

Deciding whether to allow kids at your wedding can be tricky: is the extra cost and potential disruption worth it? Rebecca Lees investigates.

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Should I attend a wedding abroad?

Should I attend a friend's wedding abroad?

Use our handy flowchart to help you decide whether to attend a wedding abroad...if you're 'lucky' enough to be invited.

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Blog: Why I hate giving cash as a wedding gift

Two piggybanks and a heart sign

Nearly half of us are being asked to stump up cash instead of wedding gifts, finds new research. A sign of the times or plain bad manners asks Sue Hayward?

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Blog: Five apps for hen weekends

woman standing on a bus with a mobile phone in her hands

If you're embarking on a hen weekend soon, there's plenty to plan and think about. Make your trip easier with these five app suggestions from Hen Heaven.

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Blog: Stag weekend survival kit

man covered in mud and dirt stood in front of a waterfall

What exactly do you need to survive a stag weekend apart from an iron stomach? See what Lee from The Stag Company keeps in his stag weekend survival kit

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Our favourite wedding proposal videos on YouTube

Our favourite wedding proposal videos on YouTube

We all love a good wedding, but what about a wedding proposal? Well, we've scoured YouTube and found five wonderful wedding proposal videos for you.

Warning: There may well be tears.

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Brits 'spend more' on wedding gifts

  •  12 Jun, 2012
Money written in sand

At a time when the country is said to be tightening its belt financially, new research has revealed the average amount spent on a wedding gift rose from £47 to £51 last year.

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The biggest fairytale weddings of all time

Digital TV

In light of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, we've looked at how their big day compares with some other notable royal weddings. We have taken into account the overall cost, as well as some of the more interesting details.

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Be the perfect wedding guest without going broke

Money down the drain

The average cost of being a wedding guest is £900! We’ve got the lowdown on how you can attend without going for broke.

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How will mums support kids for uni, first car, first home and wedding?

  •  11 May, 2011
Mother and daughter putting coins into piggy bank

As UK teenagers prepare to face their school exams, new research from reveals that more than half of mums want to help their children pay university costs.

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