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How to thaw a frozen pipe this winter

A frozen pipe can cause havoc for homeowners. But if the weather gets the better of you, there are ways to safely thaw a pipe before it bursts. This video shows you how.

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Motorists v Cyclists: One expert's view

Motorists vs cyclists expert's view video

Sustrans is the sustainable transport charity responsible for promoting cycling across the UK. We asked Sustrans’ Chief Executive, Malcolm Shephard, what has been done in recent years to help cyclists and motorists get along.

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Caught on camera: Motorists' rage against cyclists

Cyclerage video thumb

Russell Jones is a keen cyclist and is fed up of drivers’ attitudes towards those on two wheels. He challenged his anti-cyclist friend Adam to ditch his car and travel to work by bike for a whole week.

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Could you be undervaluing your contents by £15,000?

Undervaluing your home contents video

Contents insurance is a must have for any homeowner or renter but for plenty of people the value of their possessions is a guess. Should you cover your clothes? Furniture? Carpets? Or what about kitchenware?

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Would you pass your driving test if you re-took it today?

Would you pass your driving test now?

We sent a reporter out for a mock driving test to see how many bad habits she'd picked up in the four years since passing. Would you pass your test now?

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Beat car thieves with these 10 insider tips

Protect your car from theft video

Reformed burglar turned TV presenter Michael Fraser says thinking like a criminal can help you keep your vehicle safe.

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Fake whiplash claims could soon be a thing of the past

Whiplash video

Whiplash is easy to fake and costs insurers £2 billion a year, pushing up the cost of car cover. But a new gadget could put an end to fake claims.

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Radical driving licence changes put to Parliament

Changes to licence video

Imagine not being allowed to drive after 11pm or only being able to carry certain passengers. Well that could become reality for new drivers if a road safety campaign is successful.

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Car insurance for young drivers explained in 30 seconds

Car insurance for young drivers video

Our 30-second guide to cutting the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

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No claims bonus explained in 30 seconds

No Claims Bonus explained video

As a driver, you want to keep the cost of motoring down. Building up a no claims bonus is one way to do that – and if...

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