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Could you be undervaluing your contents by £15,000?

Undervaluing your home contents video

Contents insurance is a must have for any homeowner or renter but for plenty of people the value of their possessions is a guess. Should you cover your clothes? Furniture? Carpets? Or what about kitchenware?

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Would you pass your driving test if you re-took it today?

Would you pass your driving test now?

We sent a reporter out for a mock driving test to see how many bad habits she'd picked up in the four years since passing. Would you pass your test now?

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Beat car thieves with these 10 insider tips

Protect your car from theft video

Reformed burglar turned TV presenter Michael Fraser says thinking like a criminal can help you keep your vehicle safe.

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Car insurance for young drivers explained in 30 seconds

Car insurance for young drivers video

Our 30-second guide to cutting the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

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Learning how to ride a moped or motorbike

Moped and motorbike CBT video

Before you can ride a moped or a motorbike on UK roads, you’ll need to take Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

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Jumping & bumping: Start your car if the battery’s flat

Breakdown basics video

Got a flat battery in the cold? Here’s how to get your car up and running again.

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Crack down on insurance fraudsters

Spoof video, involving catching car insurance fraudsters in the act

UK drivers don't always tell the truth on their car insurance. Find out the most common porkies here.

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The ultimate driving songs

The ultimate driving songs playlist - Download the safest songs to drive to
Most people like to drive whilst listening to music and choose songs according to their taste. However, we can reveal the safest songs to drive to, based on the drivers' behaviour behind the wheel in our latest motoring experiment.  Read More…

Car insurance policy types

Guide icon for motor insurance policy guide
Don't know your third party fire and theft from your fully comp? Find out all about car insurance policy types here.  Read More…

How much life insurance cover do I need?

How much life insurance do I need? A video guide -

Life insurance can be complicated which is why we've created a video series explaining some of the most frequently asked questions. In this video, Matt Lloyd, head of life insurance, explains how much life insurance cover is needed.

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