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Video guides, tutorials and fun

A style guide to Movember

Movember style guide

Watch our short video style guide showing some of the different mo-styles you may want to grow this November.

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How the EU Gender Directive affects car insurance for women

How the EU gender directive will affect car insurance

Head of car insurance Gareth Kloet explains what the EU Gender Directive is, how it will affect car insurance and offers advice to women who will be most affected after December 21 2012.

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Why is the EU interfering with our car insurance prices?

Flag of the European Union

Almost 50 per cent of motorists haven't heard of the EU gender directive, according to research by But motorists need to act now to beat the resulting car insurance price hikes.

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British Gas price rise advice for affected customers

ritish Gas price rise reaction and advice to affected customers Head of Energy Kate Rose reacts to the news that British Gas will raise its gas and electricity prices and offers advice to the 8.5m customers that will be affected by today's announcement.

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Our favourite cute and funny pet videos

Cat and bird

Cute cats, daring dogs and flying ferrets - what's not to love about funny pet videos? Every week, we'll post our favourite animal antics videos in the playlist below for you to enjoy.

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Making parking child's play with our new Parking app

Make parking child's play with the new Parking app

Watch our short video showing how easy our new Parking app is to use and never waste your pocket money on excessive parking prices again.

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Burglary: The dangers of oversharing on social media

Image of twitter on a smartphone

Going on holiday? Our short video shows how innocent updates on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter could make your home a target for burglars.

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A burglar's feet

To highlight the issue of home security, gave three people the chance to break in to a house and pilfer some of the UK’s most stolen items. Find out what happened here.

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How women could save men money on their car insurance

How women could save men money - 1940s style PSA

Women are a gender of spenders but they could almost halve the cost of car insurance for their male partner. Watch our fun 1940s style public service announcement to find out how.

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Video: Are you an easy target for burglars?

How to beat burglars

Is your home an easy target for burglars? It's easy to get complacent when it comes to home security. Watch what happened when put this to the test.

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