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How do I apply for life insurance?

How do I apply for life insurance? A video guide -

Life insurance can be complicated which is why we've created a video series explaining some of the most frequently asked questions. In this video, Matt Lloyd, head of life insurance, explains the life insurance application process.

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Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

We secretly filmed an actor, pretending to be drunk, as he asked passersby to help him into his car? How many people do you think refused?

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Top tips if you're leaving your home alone this Christmas

Top tips if you're leaving your Home Alone this Christmas
Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for burglars, so we asked a little friend of ours for his top tips if you're planning on leaving your home alone over the festive period.  Read More…

Meet Britain's worst driver - Charlie DeFouncs

Charlie DeFouncs

Charlie DeFouncs is a 21 year-old property developer from the Cotswolds and has the dubious honour of being named Britain’s Worst Driver.

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Lazy drivers risk winter road misery

A motorist driving on a wet and icy road

Millions of motorists admit they won't bother with basic car checks this winter despite the safety risks, according to new research.

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A guide to simple DIY car repairs

DIY car repairs

Many motorists are clueless about car maintenance and repairs. We teamed up with Haynes, the motor manual publisher, to produce a video guide to simple DIY car repairs.

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EU Gender Ruling: Your need-to-know guide

Flag of the European Union

The EU Gender ruling will lead to a rise in the cost of insurance for millions of Brits. But 53 per cent of people don't know it's happening. We explain all in this need-to-know guide.

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EU Gender Ruling: How to beat the price hikes

A toy car with pound coins falling out of it

The EU gender ruling will see car insurance price rises, especially for young women, from 21 December. We've compiled a list of ways to reduce insurance costs whatever your gender.

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A style guide to Movember

Movember style guide

Watch our short video style guide showing some of the different mo-styles you may want to grow this November.

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How the EU Gender Directive affects car insurance for women

How the EU gender directive will affect car insurance

Head of car insurance Gareth Kloet explains what the EU Gender Directive is, how it will affect car insurance and offers advice to women who will be most affected after December 21 2012.

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