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Do I need legal & tools cover when I take out van insurance?

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This is not always the case and one of the features of the quotation process for van insurance is that customers can make decisions about whether or not they actually need extra protection for themselves and their van in the form of legal cover and tools cover.

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17 ways to save on van insurance

Transit driving

As all vans in the UK must be insured to use the roads, a big, competitive van insurance industry has sprung up to provide cover for these ever-present highway workhorses.

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Van insurance

Baffled by bulkheads and stumped by suspension? This guide will help you through the world of van accessories.

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Nissan’s NV200 made its European debut at the Barcelona motor show in May, representing the first Nissan van to be designed and built independently from its alliance with Renault.

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an Iveco Daily van by didbygraham

Need a new van? selects the best on the market. If your set of wheels has seen better days and there are more coughs and splutters than roars, don’t despair, 2009 is the year of the van.

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Make your white van green

Van insurance

If you’re a van owner – it’s time to go green. Emissions, greenhouse gases, car tax and eco-friendly cars continue to be hot topics. So it’s only a matter of time before attention is focused on you and your load-lugger.

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Managing the Load – 8 Safe Van Driving Tips from

Van insurance

Stay safe while driving a van, with help from

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It wasn’t so long ago that vans were the true workhorses of the road. Abused, ignored, barely maintained and pounded for mile after mile, they gave everything until they conked out.

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Man with a van

There’s no getting around it, put the words van and tax together and you’ve got a subject matter that can send even the greatest motoring enthusiast to sleep.

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Moving home? Then DIY to save money

Transit driving

There’s no doubt moving house is a stressful experience, especially if you’re attempting the DIY approach and hiring a van.

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