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Cut your van insurance costs

Plumber standing with van

There are lots of steps you can take to make sure your van cover doesn’t break the bank.

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Converting your van to run on LPG

Van insurance

Feeling the pinch of rising fuel costs? You could make significant savings by converting your engine to run on LPG.

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Vehicle thieves turn to vans

The Ford Transit is the most commonly stolen vehicle, official statistics show. Here’s how to cut the risk of van theft.

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Simple steps for economical van driving

Van insurance

Reducing petrol consumption is all the rage at the moment. We’ve got some handy pointers for saving in the long run.

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Who needs an extended warranty? logo on the laptop screen

An extended warranty can be a great investment should anything go wrong with a big-ticket purchase, but many people simply don’t know how they work. So here’s a quick guide to the product and how an extended warranty could come in handy.

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Auto-speed limits for vans: What you need to know

Transit driving

How would you feel if your vehicle was fitted with an automatic speed cap? Well, van drivers could face just that after one leading member of European Parliament called for the vehicles to be fitted with limiters restricting them to 75 miles per hour.

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Comparing van insurance with us is a pretty simple process, but a lot of our customers might be unsure about just how much cover you need.

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Top ten must-have tools for van owners

Plumber standing with van

We list our top ten favourite tools for white van men, from routers and jigsaws right down to the humble hammer.

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Choose the right finance package for your new van purchase

Man with a van

If you've been toying with the idea of buying a new van, there are some pretty compelling reasons for buying sooner rather than later.

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Buying van cover: Optional extras to consider

Van insurance

Van insurance is a legal requirement if you're going to drive on the road, and although you may begrudge paying for a policy, the right cover will offer peace of mind that both you and your vehicle are protected.

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