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White van men worst for tailgating

  •  30 Jun, 2014
A white van on the road

Motorists should beware of the White Van Man on their tail, according to a survey of thousands of accidents.

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Vanta Claus

Vanta Claus infographic teaser

With the world population now at an estimated 7.1 billion, could a modern-day van do a better job than Santa's sleigh and reindeer?

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Sat nav blackspots: Your tales

photo of sat nav on car windscreen
We asked you to tell us about your sat nav blackspots and you answered. Handy as sat navs are, it seems they sometimes have their own sense of direction.  Read More…

Excess protection from could save you money

Model car on coin piles is now offering excess protection on your car, van or motorbike insurance policy, and it could save you money. Young drivers in particular, can benefit from taking out an excess protection policy.  Read More…

What moves us

What moves us infographic teaser
The roads, railways, and bus routes that criss-cross the UK serve as lifelines for industry, commerce, and everyday life. So how is everyone getting around? We break down the nuts and bolts of public and private transport in the UK today.  Read More…

Van excess cover: The future of cheaper premiums?

Painter decorator and his van

Insuring your van can be an expensive affair, and weighing up whether having a higher excess is worth the discount in premium can be hard. But an emerging product designed to insure your excess could make that decision a lot easier.

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Most suited van types for cities

Van insurance

Driving a van in the city can be a challenge, but by choosing the most suited van types for driving in town you can minimise your risk.

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I’m your van – buying vs leasing

Transit driving

So you need a new van. Should you buy it outright, or lease one? We weigh up the pros and cons.

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Could telematics cut the cost of van and car insurance?

A row of cars for sale

Would you have your every move on the road monitored if it reduced your motor insurance premium? We explain how this technology is being used, particularly by van drivers, and delve into the pros and cons of driver-monitoring.

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Need a van for work? Here’s how to choose

Van insurance

Picking the right van for your business can make a big difference to your bottom line.

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