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8 game shows that make us miss the 80s

TV show Bullseye

From a virtual reality nightmare to teens busting for a ‘p’, here’s our pick of the best British game shows from the era of tracksuits, aerobics and Sade.

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Mobile users 'get more for less'

  •  29 Jan, 2014
A woman using her mobile

The average mobile phone user is paying almost a quarter less than they were a decade ago while receiving significantly more for their money, according to a report.

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Get-out clauses for telecoms users set-up

  •  23 Jan, 2014
Attractive woman talking on phone

New rights allowing consumers to pull out of phone and broadband contracts if providers increase prices on fixed deals have come into effect.

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Hidden Britain gets fast net boost

  •  16 Jan, 2014
The back of a broadband modem

People living in the most remote parts of Britain will be lifted from the digital slow lane after a £10 million fund was launched to bring them high-speed internet.

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BT sorry over pay-TV complaints

  •  16 Dec, 2013
BT telegraph pole

BT has apologised after complaints about its pay-TV service doubled over the period it began broadcasting Premier League football.

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Faster broadband 'saves cash and time'

  •  14 Nov, 2013
hands typing on keyboard

Super-fast broadband will save British households £270 million and 60 million hours of leisure time each year by 2024, a new report predicts.

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How to get the best broadband & TV deal

Two men watching football on TV

The launch of the BT Sport channel in the spring has shaken up the internet and digital TV market. Do you stand to benefit from Britain's broadband bundle battle?

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Should you be rushing out to buy superfast broadband?

Coloured fibre optic cables

If you’ve ever cursed that little buffering wheel when you’re trying to watch a video or missed the end of an online auction because the page didn’t load fast enough, your internet connection could probably do with an upgrade.

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Blog: Five tips to find the best broadband deal

broadband wireless router

New research shows that price, customer service and data allowances top the wish-lists of people who are looking to switch broadband.

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Why it pays to review your finances after moving home

A house made out of twenty pound notes
But the good news is, there are plenty of opportunities to save money after the move by reviewing your insurance policies, utility bills and other outgoings.  Read More…

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