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Will I be stuck with my supplier if I put up solar panels? editor Lisa Greenfield

Thinking of putting solar panels on your roof? Might it limit you to just one energy supplier?

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How to have a waste-free Christmas

A christmas tree paper collage

Some top tips to ensure your home isn’t filled with clutter come January.

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Converting your van to run on LPG

Van insurance

Feeling the pinch of rising fuel costs? You could make significant savings by converting your engine to run on LPG.

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Could an electric car save you money?

Car with money spilling out

Electric cars have faced a lot of criticism in the UK press recently but what are the real advantages and disadvantages of swapping petrol pumps for plug sockets?

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Simple steps for economical van driving

Van insurance

Reducing petrol consumption is all the rage at the moment. We’ve got some handy pointers for saving in the long run.

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How to spend less on fuel

Energy icons

Soaring petrol prices mean that cutting your fuel consumption makes more sense than ever...

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Britain's traffic hotspots

A motorway at rush hour

Are our roads getting busier? Recent statistics from the Department for Transport say not, but the report still identifies the UK’s worst areas of congestion. Check out the offenders here, and our thoughts for the future.

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How to build your own eco-home

Concept of an ecological home

A few pointers to how self-builders can make new properties greener...

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Auto-speed limits for vans: What you need to know

Transit driving

How would you feel if your vehicle was fitted with an automatic speed cap? Well, van drivers could face just that after one leading member of European Parliament called for the vehicles to be fitted with limiters restricting them to 75 miles per hour.

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Your guide to renewable energy

a lightbulb made out of a plant

We've teamed up with Home Building & Renovating Magazine to look at the alternative energy sources available to UK households.

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