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Flood victims unhappy with response

  •  20 Mar, 2014
Flooded property

Most victims of the recent UK floods are not happy with the government's response, according to a new survey.

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£140m added to road repair kitty

  •  10 Mar, 2014
Road closed and flood sign

The worst-hit regions in the recent floods are to benefit from a share of £140 million of extra government aid to help repair roads damaged in England's wettest-ever winter.



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Warning over sales of flood-damaged homes

Flooded street

If you need to move out of a flood-damaged property, a quick-sale company may be able to help. But be warned: the cost could be higher than you expect. 

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All homes 'can't be protected from floods'

  •  25 Feb, 2014
A badly flooded UK street

The Environment Agency (EA) cannot protect all people and all properties but will do all it can, says its executive director of flood and coastal risk management.

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Floods set to cause home insurance price rise

A badly flooded UK street

Insurers are still weighing up the impact of this winter's awful weather. But a surge in flood-related claims is likely to raise everyone's premiums. 

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Blog: Will M1 60mph speed limit save planet or cause congestion?

Motorway traffic

A proposal to cut the speed limit on the M1 to 60mph to reduce carbon emissions might help the environment – but will it cause motorists’ gridlock misery?

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Dumb ways to invalidate your car insurance

A flood warning sign

Ignoring "road closed" signs and driving into deep flood water is the latest example of foolhardy motorists putting their cover at risk. We look at the silliest reasons for claims to be turned down.

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Rise in home insurance claims following storms

A badly flooded UK street

Home insurance claims for damage to property during the recent storms have surged. We look at when insurers pay out – and when they won't.

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Energy bosses face outages grilling

  •  31 Dec, 2013
close up, angular shot of electricity pylon

Hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity over the festive period due to severe storms - and MPs want to know why it took so long to restore power.

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Power restored to homes after storm

  •  30 Dec, 2013
A flooded street

Households left without electricity following the Christmas storms have now had their power restored.

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