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Crash warning device roll out close

  •  21 Jun, 2012
A back-end shunt

The idea that new cars could be fitted with an automatic emergency services warning system could be a reality before too long.

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Insider tips for cheaper car insurance

A green car on the road
When you're buying car insurance, it pays to know what - legal - tricks you can use to get cheaper cover. We bring you the insider tips to help you beat the insurer.  Read More…

Women bear brunt of car insurance price hikes

A woman driving
In some UK regions women are experiencing hikes as high as 9.7 per cent, reveals the latest Watson car insurance price index.  Read More…

Why young drivers need big brother

Two children on a car carousel
'Big brother' car insurance technology that tracks motorists' driving skills and identifies weak points reduces the number of crashes by a fifth, says Co-operative Insurance.  Read More…

Car insurance: Women to pay the price for equality

Model car on coin piles

Despite jokes about women drivers, for  years they've paid less for car insurance because they're statistically safer behind the wheel. But time is running out to take advantage of this, as prices are set to rise soon.

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Pay-how-you-drive car insurance

Young woman driving a car
More insurers are offering telematics or “black box” devices which monitor driver behaviour and cuts car cover accordingly. Is this the future for cheaper car insurance?  Read More…

Driving in 2012: New laws, telematics and more price rises?

2011 calendar

Last year was tough for drivers: more price rises, a few law changes and big headlines for the car-insurance industry. So will 2012 be just as eventful? We look at what’s coming up and how it might affect you.

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How a ‘black box’ means cheaper car insurance for young drivers

Learner Driver

Young motorists are being priced off the roads after motor insurance costs hit record highs for the 17 to 25 age group. But one insurer says it has the solution – a black box. We explain how it claims it could knock as much as £300 a year off premiums.

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Could telematics cut the cost of van and car insurance?

A row of cars for sale

Would you have your every move on the road monitored if it reduced your motor insurance premium? We explain how this technology is being used, particularly by van drivers, and delve into the pros and cons of driver-monitoring.

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Wise Driving  telematics or blackbox insurance logo

Wise Driving logo
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