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Young drivers' insurance cost down a third

young male driver giving thumbs-up sign

There's good news for young drivers as car insurance prices fall by almost a third, with prices down by 28.4% for young men and 31% for young women.

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Car insurance price drop for young drivers

Young man and women in a car

Good news for young drivers: The average cost of car cover is down by between 12% and 23%, according to the latest car insurance price index.

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Video: 12.5% fall in car insurance costs

Gemma Stanbury head of car insurance at

Car insurance costs fell 12.5 per cent in the last three months of 2013, compared with the previous year. Gemma Stanbury, head of car insurance at, explains why in this video.

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Car insurance costs fall 12.5%

Toy Mini motor with British flag and coins

There's good news for cash-strapped motorists as the average cost of car insurance falls by 12.5 per cent compared with a year ago, a typical saving of £91.

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Black box insurance set to go mainstream

Two cars and coins in front of insurance sign

Millions of drivers say they will consider signing up for "black box" insurance when they next renewal date. Is this type of cover set to go mainstream?

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'One in five drivers' open to black box

  •  15 Nov, 2013

Almost one in five drivers will consider getting a 'black box' fitted in their car when they next renew their insurance, new research suggests.

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Drivers warned 'cheap isn't always best' for insurance

Two cars and coins representing car insurance

Motorists are being warned to consider car insurance features as well as cost when selecting a policy to ensure they don't end up out of pocket.

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The UK's best & worst drivers

UK best and worst drivers small teaser image

An app that can prove you're a good driver? MotorMate by does just that! We’ve used the data to identify the best and worst drivers in the UK.

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Yorkshire drivers best in UK

Busy motorway

Drivers in Yorkshire and the Humber are the most capable in the UK while those in the North-east of England came bottom of the pile, according to new data.

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Gender gap opens over car insurance costs

Woman taking drive with boyfriend

Figures published this week show a new gender divide has opened up over car insurance prices.

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