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Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 rear

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, out in the UK on 11 April, is set to be one of this year's hottest smartphones. We take a look at its main features, cost and availability.

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Call for car anti-crash technology

  •  25 Mar, 2014
A back-end shunt

Motorists should be offered government cash incentives to buy cars with anti-crash technology, insurance sector researchers are recommending.

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Banks set for payment revolution

  •  17 Mar, 2014
A woman using her mobile

More than a billion transactions will be made over the next five years by a new form of mobile payment that just requires a phone number, according to the Payments Council.

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Energy firms to introduce QR codes

  •  10 Mar, 2014
QR code on smartphone

Energy companies will be forced to introduce smartphone-readable codes to help consumers easily compare their bills against offers from competitors under new plans announced.

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Blog: Do noisy home appliances get on your nerves?

A kettle and a washing machine

Are noisy kettles, washing machines and fridges driving you to distraction? Maria McCarthy looks at a new scheme to certify quiet appliances.

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Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 smartphone

  •  27 Feb, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch

Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy S5 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The phone will be available to buy from April. 

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Virgin space flight 'set for 2014'

  •  25 Feb, 2014
Richard Branson Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic's long-awaited first space flight will take place in 2014, Sir Richard Branson has said.

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Seven ways Facebook has ruined our holidays

Facebook like symbol thumbs down

Fed up with photos from friends in far-flung places invading your timeline? Now in its 10th year, this is just one way Facebook has ruined our holidays.

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Bills shock over digital payment

  •  07 Feb, 2014
An Apple iPhone with social media software

One in seven adults who has made a recent small digital payment ended up being billed more than expected, according to new research.

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Blog: Why should we have to pay for paper bills?

Woman looking at paper bill

Paperless billing, like self-service checkouts, is here to stay it seems, as more household utility firms impose charges on customers who prefer a hard copy. Is this fair?

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