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Stocks and shares ISAs: Our guide to safer investment

A stack of coins beside a piggybank
Over the long-term, returns from stock market investments have consistently outperformed cash. We find out more about stocks and shares ISAs.  Read More…

Is it time to ditch your bank account?

A debit card

When it comes to bank accounts, we Brits tend to be exceptionally loyal. But banks are battling for your business by offering incentives. So if you’re thinking about switching, now is the time to do so.

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Beware of tough new rules for late-filed tax returns

A debit card

If you’re required to file a tax return, you need to act quickly to meet the 31 January deadline, to avoid triggering a hefty late penalty as new rules come into force.

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HSBC fined £10.5m for mis-selling to pensioners

Ten pound note jigsaw puzzle

High street-bank HSBC has been fined £10.5 million for mis-selling investment products to elderly customers.

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Tolls set to add to motorists’ burden

Model car on coin piles

Motorists face higher taxes on car use as a result of government plans to introduce more toll roads in the UK.

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January’s 3p fuel tax rise scrapped

Close-up of sports car

Motorists given respite as 3p fuel duty increase planned for January 2012 is cancelled.

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How aggressively can a debt collector hound you?

bank details

Debt collectors have been known for employing unscrupulous tactics when it comes to recovering owed money but new rules mean there are tougher restrictions to control those overstepping the mark.

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5 effects living longer has on your finances

A pound sign

We’re an ageing population with increasing life expectancies but what affect will a longer life have on your finances? We look at the factors affecting your money.

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Beware: The new tax refund scams

Piggy bank and change

Taxpayers are being warned not to fall for new internet-based scams designed to con them into disclosing their bank details.

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Are you owed £400 by the taxman?

Money changing hands

Around 6 million workers and pensioners could be owed £400 by the taxman due to a blunder. Find out if you're one of the ones affected.

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