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Petrol shortage could fuel new price increases

Someone filling their car with petrol

Fuel prices are set to rise even higher after tanker drivers who deliever supplies to petrol stations vote to stage a UK-wide strike in April. Meanwhile, drivers are warned against panic-buying.

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The best ISA rates for the new financial year

ISA egg

The new tax year is upon us as of 6 April, bringing with it a new tax-free savings allowance. Which means it's a good time to open a new account.

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Last chance to cash in on top ISA rates

An egg with the word ISA printed on it.

With just days left until the end of the tax year on 5 April, this is your last chance to take advantage of this year’s tax-free savings allowance with a top rate ISA.

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Budget 2012: What it means for motorists

Image of a car with the words motoring and your money written on

A planned 3p rise in fuel tax in August will go ahead, the Chancellor confirmed in the Budget. We asked two experts what drivers can do to reduce their motoring costs. 

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Landlords criticise Osborne over lack of Budget help

A pair of hands holding a toy house
Chancellor George Osborne has faced criticism from landlords following his failure in the Budget to address issues with property taxation.  Read More…

Budget 2012: The highlights

An empty purse
In Wednesday’s Budget, Chancellor George Osborne confirmed the 3p fuel duty rise in August will go ahead. We look at the highlights from today's Budget.  Read More…

Cameron: Roads may be privatised

A motorway at rush hour
The Prime Minister has called for private firms to fund upgrades of England’s ageing roads, but the proposals have sparked anger among motoring groups who say this will lead to more road tolls.  Read More…

Five best cash ISAs

A piggybank

Interest rates may be low at the moment, but there is still much you can do to get a decent yield on your savings. Here's how to make the most of your savings interest.

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Landlords demand Budget boost from Chancellor

A sold sign
The Government must boost investment in Britain’s buy-to-let sector in this month’s Budget in order to stimulate economic growth in the UK, campaigners say.  Read More…

Stocks and shares ISAs: Our guide to safer investment

A stack of coins beside a piggybank
Over the long-term, returns from stock market investments have consistently outperformed cash. We find out more about stocks and shares ISAs.  Read More…