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Has tipping become a tax for customers?

British notes and coins

Tipping is a strange and bewildering custom. Knowing when to hand over extra money – and how much to give – can be extremely embarrassing. We explore tipping etiquette.

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Deadline looms for self-assessment tax return

List of checkboxes and a hand

If you're a self-assessment taxpayer, you need to act fast to meet the end of January deadline and avoid facing hefty penalties for a late-filed return.

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Osborne scraps New Year fuel tax increase

A fuel tank with a sad face painted on

Hard-pressed motorists finally have reason to cheer in 2012 as Chancellor George Osborne announces he is scrapping January's planned 3p fuel duty increase.

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Is George Osborne about to raise motoring taxes?

Vehicle tax disc

Drivers are being warned they could face new or higher taxes because the government is failing to raise enough money from levies on vehicle carbon emissions.

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Public reject government road tolls plan

A motorway at rush hour
The government faces a huge backlash if it pushes ahead with plans to increase the number of UK roads which charge tolls, new research indicates.  Read More…

Think-tank calls for vehicle tax axe

Vehicle tax disc

The government should scrap annual vehicle tax payments in favour of a single up-front charge, campaigners say.

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The case for privatising Britain’s roads

A motorway at rush hour
Privatising roads in Britain might not be such a bad idea after all, writes motoring journalist Lois Avery, who has seen the benefits of better infrastructure since moving to Singapore.  Read More…

3p fuel duty increase scrapped

Refuelling the car

Chancellor George Osborne has postponed August's planned 3p rise in fuel duty and frozen the tax increase until January 2013.

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Falling revenues prompt vehicle tax reform

A toy car on a pile of pound coins
Opting for greener cars has meant cheaper vehicle tax for motorists, but this has left a gap in the government coffers. Now, an overhaul of the tax system is on the cards.  Read More…

Direct debit payments for vehicle tax proposed

A toy car on a pile of pound coins
The government is looking at introducing direct debit payments for vehicle tax to ease the financial burden on motorists.  Read More…