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How aggressively can a debt collector hound you?

bank details

Debt collectors have been known for employing unscrupulous tactics when it comes to recovering owed money but new rules mean there are tougher restrictions to control those overstepping the mark.

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5 effects living longer has on your finances

A pound sign

We’re an ageing population with increasing life expectancies but what affect will a longer life have on your finances? We look at the factors affecting your money.

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Are you owed £400 by the taxman?

Money changing hands

Around 6 million workers and pensioners could be owed £400 by the taxman due to a blunder. Find out if you're one of the ones affected.

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Stuck paying a loan for someone else: do I have recourse? editor Chris Torney

Chris Torney, the personal finance editor of The Express helps readers with their personal finance dilemmas.

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Missed the self-assessment deadline? Here’s what to do

Self assessment

Missed the deadline to send in your tax return? We look at the steps you can take to get back on track.

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Child benefit: Just tell it to me straight author Stephen Jones

After a week of hyperbolic press coverage,’s Stephen Jones cuts through the controversy and asks, ‘exactly how fair is the Child Benefit cut?

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The companies looking to profit from your tax nightmares author Stephen Jones

When times get tough, you can usually rely on the British to show a bit of ingenuity.

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What to do if you’ve been taxed incorrectly


HM Revenue & Customs would have you believe that ‘tax doesn’t have to be taxing’ yet six million taxpayers across the UK could be facing a revised tax bill because of an error with its PAYE system.

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How to avoid the tax traps

Money savings

Millions of us give too much money to the taxman. Here’s how to keep hold of a greater chunk of your cash

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Is a graduate tax a good idea? author Stephen Jones

As business secretary Vince Cable announces potential changes to the way university is paid for,’s Stephen Jones asks whether the changes will work and, more importantly, if they’re fair.

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