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Why is fuel tax so high?

filling up car

For every £1 we spend filling up our cars, vans and motorbikes with petrol and diesel, about 60p goes to the government in the form of duty and VAT. Why is fuel tax so high?

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Has tipping become a tax for customers?

British notes and coins

Tipping is a strange and bewildering custom. Knowing when to hand over extra money – and how much to give – can be extremely embarrassing. We explore tipping etiquette.

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The best ISA rates for the new financial year

ISA egg

The new tax year is upon us as of 6 April, bringing with it a new tax-free savings allowance. Which means it's a good time to open a new account.

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Five best cash ISAs

A piggybank

Interest rates may be low at the moment, but there is still much you can do to get a decent yield on your savings. Here's how to make the most of your savings interest.

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Stocks and shares ISAs: Our guide to safer investment

A stack of coins beside a piggybank
Over the long-term, returns from stock market investments have consistently outperformed cash. We find out more about stocks and shares ISAs.  Read More…

How aggressively can a debt collector hound you?

bank details

Debt collectors have been known for employing unscrupulous tactics when it comes to recovering owed money but new rules mean there are tougher restrictions to control those overstepping the mark.

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5 effects living longer has on your finances

A pound sign

We’re an ageing population with increasing life expectancies but what affect will a longer life have on your finances? We look at the factors affecting your money.

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Are you owed £400 by the taxman?

Money changing hands

Around 6 million workers and pensioners could be owed £400 by the taxman due to a blunder. Find out if you're one of the ones affected.

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Stuck paying a loan for someone else: do I have recourse? editor Chris Torney

Chris Torney, the personal finance editor of The Express helps readers with their personal finance dilemmas.

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Missed the self-assessment deadline? Here’s what to do

Self assessment

Missed the deadline to send in your tax return? We look at the steps you can take to get back on track.

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