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Blog: Parking enforcement or highway robbery?

Blue car parking sign

Parking enforcement in the UK is flawed, says motor lawyer Jeanette Miller, who featured in a BBC1 Panorama programme on the issue on Wednesday, June 12, 7.30pm.

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Britain's most popular secondhand cars

Volkswagen Golf GTI

The soaring price of motoring has boosted demand for smaller cars with cheaper running costs, a new study of Britain's most popular secondhand cars reveals.

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Blog: Should traffic wardens be more lenient?

Blue car parking sign

MP Eric Pickles has called for traffic wardens to be more lenient. But is this a genuine proposal or party propaganda, asks motor lawyer Jeanette Miller.

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55% fear Budget will leave them worse off

Chancellor George Osborne holding red budget box

As many as 55 per cent of Brits fear they will be worse off after Wednesday's 2013 Budget announcement, with only six per cent confident of benefiting from changes, according to new research by Lloyds TSB.

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Why is fuel tax so high?

filling up car

For every £1 we spend filling up our cars, vans and motorbikes with petrol and diesel, about 60p goes to the government in the form of duty and VAT. Why is fuel tax so high?

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Top five fuel-saving tips to save you pounds at the pumps

Pumping fuel at petrol station

Whatever the cost of filling up your car, it makes sense to get into some good habits so you don’t spend more than you have to. Here are five top tips from

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Has tipping become a tax for customers?

British notes and coins

Tipping is a strange and bewildering custom. Knowing when to hand over extra money – and how much to give – can be extremely embarrassing. We explore tipping etiquette.

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The best ISA rates for the new financial year

ISA egg

The new tax year is upon us as of 6 April, bringing with it a new tax-free savings allowance. Which means it's a good time to open a new account.

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Five best cash ISAs

A piggybank

Interest rates may be low at the moment, but there is still much you can do to get a decent yield on your savings. Here's how to make the most of your savings interest.

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Stocks and shares ISAs: Our guide to safer investment

A stack of coins beside a piggybank
Over the long-term, returns from stock market investments have consistently outperformed cash. We find out more about stocks and shares ISAs.  Read More…