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Fiscal tips and Alistair author Carl Chamber

As promised, VAT will go back up in the New Year - but did we feel the full benefit anyway?'s Carl Chambers shares his views..

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What damage will the budget have on your finances? editor Sharon Flaherty

Well the pre-Budget speech has come and gone and we are now left to rummage through what potential damage the chancellor’s speech may have on our finances.

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Will the chancellor choke the economic recovery? editor Sharon Flaherty

In less than a week’s time, well on Wednesday 9th December at 12.30pm to be precise, we’ll find out what the chancellor, Alistair Darling has planned for our future finances

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UK car tax bands explained

A brand new car

In those smoggy old days when the environment wasn’t such an issue, drivers coughed up a flat-rate car tax, regardless of a vehicle’s emissions. But things began to change with the 1999 Budget, which announced a lower rate for cars with engines up to 1100 cc, as they, in general, had less of an impact on climate change.

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Man with a van

There’s no getting around it, put the words van and tax together and you’ve got a subject matter that can send even the greatest motoring enthusiast to sleep.

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