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Burglars make off with over £2,000 worth of swag


Burglary rates are at their lowest since the 80s, but the rise in laptops and tablets means burglars are bagging more swag.

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Top tips if you're leaving your home alone this Christmas

Top tips if you're leaving your Home Alone this Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for burglars, so we asked a little friend of ours for his top tips if you're planning on leaving your home alone over the festive period.

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Protect your home this Halloween

Zombies outside of house

It's not only the living dead that you have to worry about on Halloween. Here are some simple ways to protect your home from opportunistic thieves.

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Blog: Can we end the war between motorists and cyclists?

A cyclist riding on a city road

Will drivers and cyclists ever be able to live with each other? And does it matter if they can't? Journalist Chris Torney, owner of both a car and a bike, gives his view.

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Blog: Why are driving test pass rates higher in rural areas?

A motorway at rush hour

Would you rather sit your driving test in the city or country? Pass rates suggest that location really does matter, says motoring journalist Maria McCarthy. 

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Blog: Bradley Wiggins, cyclists & motoring law

Bradley Wiggins

Legal blogger Jeanette Miller, senior partner at Geoffrey Miller solicitors, discusses Bradley Wiggins, motoring law and the relationship between cyclists and motorists.

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Blog: Could you live without your car?

A woman standing by her broken-down car
Could you live without your car for two weeks? This is the situation motoring journalist Maria McCarthy found herself in after her much-loved motor broke down. How has she fared?  Read More…

Blog: Is driving while wearing earphones illegal?

A woman driving while wearing earphones

Driving with earphones in: I think it’s stupid, but is it illegal? My run-in with a taxi driver on this issue led me to check the law – and questions drivers’ common sense.

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Blog: Is a Granny Nav for older drivers useful or patronising?

An elderly woman in a driving simulator at Newcastle University
The "Granny Nav" - a sat nav designed especially for older drivers. But is such new technology useful or patronising, asks motoring journalist Maria McCarthy.  Read More…’s top 10 tips to keep burglars at bay

home insurance cover

With the recession in full swing, would-be thieves are getting busy. There has seen been an increase of burglaries in England and Wales, according to Home Office figures which showed a 4% rise for the second quarter in a row

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