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The toughest cars ever made

crash test dummy

Forget safety ratings - the only way of truly testing a car's toughness is to put it through its paces on a banger racing circuit.

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How to wear a seatbelt when you're pregnant

pregnant driver
Driving with a baby bump can be awkward. Motoring writer Maria McCarthy looks at how mums-to-be can remain comfortable behind the wheel.  Read More…

Five stupidly simple ways to kill your car

Car with open bonnet

Destroying your car is not as difficult as you might imagine. We explain how to give your motor the love and attention it needs for a long-lasting relationship.

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Are you a victim of Britain's growing pothole menace?

A pothole and a car

The state of Britain's roads is deteriorating and increasing numbers of vehicles are suffering damage from hitting potholes, according to a new report.

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Top 5 buildings insurance claims

A flooded street

Accidental damage and storm damage are the most common reasons for making a claim on buildings insurance policies, new research by has found.

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Top motoring convictions & their hidden cost

Policeman giving driver roadside sobriety test

Exclusive research by reveals the 10 most common motoring convictions – and how breaking the law can cost you hundreds of pounds when renewing your car insurance.

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Top 5 home contents insurance claims

red wine glass spilled on carpet

Accidental damage is the most common reason for making a claim on home contents insurance policies, new research by has found.

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Car thieves target Smart cars, BMWs & Bentleys

A black BMW 1-Series from the rear

Owners of Smart cars, BMWs, Bentleys and Maseratis are the most likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals, according to new research.


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Driving test horror stories

Scared learner driver
Have you ever felt a little awkward on your driving test? Take a look at some of the most cringeworthy driving test stories.  Read More…

Kids' front door keys threaten home security

Key in door lock

Entrusting your child with their own house key is a rite of passage for most families, and some parents now give keys to children as young as nine. But before you get those keys cut, spare a thought for the security of your home.

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