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Treatment kills 15,000 cancer patients

A medical researcher

An estimated 15,000 cancer patients were killed in Britain last year from treatment rather than the disease, Lord Saatchi says.

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Should the hard shoulder be used as an extra driving lane?

Motorway traffic jam

The introduction of "managed motorways" will see the hard shoulder used as an extra driving lane on some of the nation's major roads. Is this wise?

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Soap opera deaths: EastEnders versus Coronation Street

Soap opera

For decades, soap opera fanatics have watched their favourite characters live and die in an array of dramatic and tragic ways.

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Blog: Should AA staff be given police powers?

A dual carriageway

AA staff are being given the power to take the details of drivers suspected of committing a motoring offence. Writer Chris Torney asks: Should this remain a job for the police?

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Brits sit down for 20 hours a day

businessman with laptop and coffee

The average British adult spends more than 20 hours a day sitting or lying down, a survey from Weight Watchers has found.

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Rise in 'motorway missile' attacks on drivers

broken windscreen

New research finds more than 1,000 motorists - more than two a day - were hit by "motorway missiles", such as bricks thrown from bridges, in 2012.

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Commuters risk injury 32 times per week

London Underground

Britain’s urban commuters endanger themselves on the way to work an average of 32 times per week, according to a new study by health insurer LV=.

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Insurers publish new guide to pay-how-you-drive motor cover

woman driving a car

Britain’s insurers have this week published a guide to help motorists who are considering signing up for a pay-how-you-drive car insurance policy.

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Is this the end of the road for lollipop ladies?

Lollipop man holding a stop sign

Lollipop ladies/men/people - delete as appropriate - celebrate their 60th anniversary this year. But government cuts means this familiar and friendly sight is fast becoming an endangered species.

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Brits swap horticulture for hot tubs

hot tub

Homeowners are spending thousands of pounds transforming their outdoor spaces into luxury havens, but spend little time actually gardening, according to new research.

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