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Blog: Is driving while wearing earphones illegal?

A woman driving while wearing earphones

Driving with earphones in: I think it’s stupid, but is it illegal? My run-in with a taxi driver on this issue led me to check the law – and questions drivers’ common sense.

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Weird places people hide cash around the home

Toy house with a pound coin garden path

Whether it's the underwear drawer or under the floorboards one in five Brits keep the lion’s share of their spare money at home or in their cars, a new poll by finds.

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Misunderstood road signs and confused motorists

Confusing road signs infographic teaser

It seems some motorists are confused by road signs. Some might not have a clue what a sign means, or even interpret a sign to mean exactly the opposite. We take a look at the misunderstandings and some crazy signs from around the world.

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Do you trust your neighbours?

A house with a red front door
Thousands of householders are failing to take basic security measures because they expect their neighbours to help keep their homes safe when they are away.  Read More…

Blog: Is a Granny Nav for older drivers useful or patronising?

An elderly woman in a driving simulator at Newcastle University
The "Granny Nav" - a sat nav designed especially for older drivers. But is such new technology useful or patronising, asks motoring journalist Maria McCarthy.  Read More…

Europe's deadliest driving countries

European road fatalities infographic teaser

Driving has its risks wherever you are, but some European countries have better road safety records than others. This interactive graphic looks at the rate of road-related fatalities around Europe.

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Car makers urged to fit whiplash-prevention systems

Two cars in a front-end crash

Road safety experts are urging vehicle manufacturers to adopt new technology that could reduce the number of whiplash injuries sustained by people in car accidents.

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Blog: Should the drink driving limit be cut?

A variety of alcoholic drinks
A new call to lower the drink driving limit reopens the debate, writes motoring journalist Maria McCarthy.  Read More…

Cash-strapped drivers delaying car repairs

A mechanic working under a car

More motorists are postponing car repairs, services and MOTs, according to new research. But this is not only potentially dangerous, it's a false economy which could land you with bigger bills.

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Bumper to bumper

Road accidents in England and Wales teaser
The number of cars on the road has increased steadily over the last few decades, so you'd expect the number of road accidents to have increased along with it, but think again. We explore changes in the number of road accidents and vehicle-related offences in England and Wales over time.  Read More…

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