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UK motorists take a trip down memory lane…

  •  16 Aug, 2013
VW camper van

Brits really are a nation of car lovers, with new research from revealing that four in ten motorists (39%) claim to have had an emotional attachment to the first car they ever owned.

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Can your property really replace your pension?

Pound coin path

As has been the case for much of the past decade, Britain’s pensions system appears to be in crisis while the property market is booming.

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New pension scam wipes out life savings

A folder labelled pensions

If you have money saved in a pension but are a bit short of cash at the moment, you are exactly the sort of person being targeted by a new type of financial con.

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Brits pay out hundreds of pounds in wasted interest because they need their morning coffee

  •  07 Aug, 2013
credit cards is launching a new credit card calculator, which could help Brits save hundreds of pounds on interest and shorten their debt duration, by simply increasing their payments by as little as £5.

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One in five Brits admit to drug-driving

  •  02 Aug, 2013
drug driving

New research released today by reveals that one in five Brits (19%) admit to having driven under the influence of drugs.

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MPs back crackdown on fake car insurance claims

Toy car on a pile of coins

People who claim to be injured as a result of motor accidents should be subjected to greater scrutiny, a group of MPs says.

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Beat the burglars: Savvy summer home security tips

home insurance cover
Protect your home this summer by combining home insurance with these top anti-burglary tips..
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Blog: Are sat navs a driving distraction?

Built-in car sat nav system

Has in-car technology such as sat navs, intergrated phones and touchscreens made you a better or worse driver? It seems motorists are split on the subject.

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Put the brakes on bike thieves

Chris Froome

If the summer sun and Tour de France have inspired you to get on your bike make sure you have security and insurance in place to protect against theft.

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Thousands to benefit from new flood insurance deal

Flooded street

Homeowners living in flood-affected areas will be able to buy cover for their homes in future after the government struck a new agreement with insurers.

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