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Should you beep your horn when driving round blind corners?

Vintage bicycle horn

We spoke with motor lawyer Jeanette Miller of Geoffrey Miller Solicitors to bring you the truth behind common motoring myths – but there were so many myths we’ve had to bring you a second installment!

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Blog: Should I replace my car with a bike?

A cyclist riding on a city road
In part two of her blog on living without a car, motoring journalist Maria McCarthy rediscovers her bicycle. Will the bike become her permanent mode of transport?  Read More…

Remember 'clunk-click every trip'?

A young male driver and an older male driver in separate cars wearing seatbelts

Take a trip down memory lane - but be sure to look right, left and right again before you cross. Motoring journalist Maria McCarthy reminisces about public information films.

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Is it illegal to park on single yellow lines?

A single yellow line road marking

Can you park on single yellow lines? Can you cheat on a breathalyser test? We’ve teamed up with motor lawyer Jeanette Miller from Geoffrey Miller Solicitors to bring you the truth behind a number of common motoring myths.

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Blog: Could you live without your car?

A woman standing by her broken-down car
Could you live without your car for two weeks? This is the situation motoring journalist Maria McCarthy found herself in after her much-loved motor broke down. How has she fared?  Read More…

Blog: Should bikers have to wear a helmet?

A motorbike on the road

Should the UK follow the example of some American states and let bikers choose whether or not to wear a helmet? Simon Hargreaves, senior editor of Bike magazine, thinks so.

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Accident hotspots and dangerous driving conditions

Driving danger zones infographic teaser image

We take a look at some of the most accident-prone hotspots on England's roads, the areas with the most crash-for-cash fraudulent claims and in what conditions you're most likely to have an accident on the road.

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Comebacks and one-liners to silence back-seat drivers

Man with tape over mouth
We enlisted the help of a comic writer to supply you with some witty one-liners that are bound to silence that irritating back-seat driver.  Read More…

Blog: Is driving while wearing earphones illegal?

A woman driving while wearing earphones

Driving with earphones in: I think it’s stupid, but is it illegal? My run-in with a taxi driver on this issue led me to check the law – and questions drivers’ common sense.

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Weird places people hide cash around the home

Toy house with a pound coin garden path

Whether it's the underwear drawer or under the floorboards one in five Brits keep the lion’s share of their spare money at home or in their cars, a new poll by finds.

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