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Blog: Would you get into a car with a stranger?

A woman hitchhiking
Hitchhiking – a cheap way to travel, but less popular nowadays, right, and somewhat dangerous? Not so, say some, who believe it’s due for a comeback.  Read More…

Burglars turn to Facebook and Twitter to target victims

A computer keyboard
Revealing too much personal information online is putting social media users at serious risk of crime, according to new research.  Read More…

How to avoid these travel disasters

A suitcase on the beach

Going travelling is always exciting, but occasionally we leave ourselves open to mishaps and misfortune. So here are some cautionary tales from hapless holidaymakers, and lessons we can take from them.

  Read More…

Pay-how-you-drive car insurance

Young woman driving a car
More insurers are offering telematics or “black box” devices which monitor driver behaviour and cuts car cover accordingly. Is this the future for cheaper car insurance?  Read More…

Sat nav blackspot map

Sat nav system

Use this widget to alert road users to nav blackspot areas around the UK. You can upload a report of where you encounter sat nav blackspot issues and how severe they are.

  Read More…

Cars: Why brand loyalty doesn't pay

A silver sports car
Should we stay faithful to the car brands we've grown to love or is it better to have a roving eye?  Read More…

Money-saving motoring myths: True or false?

Toy car on a pile of pound coins
We asked for your best money-saving motoring tips and you responded in your hundreds. We round-up the best tips - and bust some money-saving motoring myths.  Read More…

Could new car technology make you a worse driver?

3D frame rendering of a car
From sat navs to cruise control, as drivers get more and more used to having a computerised helping hand at the wheel, are we in danger of losing fundamental driving skills?  Read More…

Why dogs should wear seatbelts in cars

Two dogs looking up

Whether it's a local trip or a lengthy drive, here's how to ensure that car journeys are comfortable - and safe - for your dog.

  Read More…

Ghost brokering: Could your car insurance policy be fake?

Don’t get caught out by a fake car insurance policy

Don’t get caught out by a fake insurance policy. We investigate a new fraud phenomenon known as ghost brokering and explain how to avoid becoming a victim.

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