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Drug use in the UK vs the US

Teaser image for UK vs US drug infographic

The Global Drug Survey polled people in both countries to find out what substances they had used in the past 12 months. We take an interactive look at the results.

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Blog: I was hit by an uninsured motorist

Two cars in a front end collision

Legal blogger Jeanette Miller looks at what happens if you're involved in a road accident with an uninsured or untraceable motorist. 

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Blog: Why are driving test pass rates higher in rural areas?

A motorway at rush hour

Would you rather sit your driving test in the city or country? Pass rates suggest that location really does matter, says motoring journalist Maria McCarthy. 

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Over the limit: Drink driving in Great Britain

Animated void driving licence

We take a look at the call for lower drink drive limits, the amount of drink drive offences in GB and whether people think punishments for convicted drunk drivers are harsh enough.

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Burglary: The dangers of oversharing on social media

Image of twitter on a smartphone

Going on holiday? Our short video shows how innocent updates on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter could make your home a target for burglars.

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Blog: Bradley Wiggins, cyclists & motoring law

Bradley Wiggins

Legal blogger Jeanette Miller, senior partner at Geoffrey Miller solicitors, discusses Bradley Wiggins, motoring law and the relationship between cyclists and motorists.

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Average student possessions top £2,000

the contents of a student's bedroom
Going to university next month? Don't forget to insure your belongings as new research shows that the average student has possessions worth more than £2,000, including digital music players and laptops.  Read More…'s burglary experiment

A burglar's feet

To highlight the issue of home security, gave three people the chance to break in to a house and pilfer some of the UK’s most stolen items. Find out what happened here.

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Do we need lower speed limits on rural roads?

A yellow speed camera
The government is now proposing to make it easier for local authorities to lower speed limits on certain rural roads to 40mph. Will this help cut road deaths?  Read More…

The risks of buying a write-off motor

A red car
Armed with all the facts, buying a car that’s a write-off can be a bargain for cost-conscious buyers – as long as you weigh up all the costs.  Read More…

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