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The 10 most dangerous driving songs

Young female driver playing music

A new experiment has revealed the songs that can cause motorists to drive more dangerously. But what makes a song a driving hazard?

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Working drivers pose greatest risk

Vehicle tax disc

Motorists who use their vehicles for work are more likely than other road users to take deadly risks, a new survey claims.

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Is your home at risk of flooding? Tips to stay dry from

Home insurance cover

With floods hitting the headlines once again, it’s a good time to remind homeowners of the potential risks to property and how best to protect your home should the waters start lapping at your doorstep.

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Audi drivers voted the sexiest motorists

man in a car

The motorists Brits find most attractive have been revealed by new research. Meanwhile flirting with other drivers and even having sex appear to be common practice, according to the poll.

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When am I ‘most likely’ to get burgled?

  •  17 Dec, 2012

Home insurance claims for theft peak in June, November and January according to new stats released by

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Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

Would you help this 'drunk' man into his car?

We secretly filmed an actor, pretending to be drunk, as he asked passersby to help him into his car? How many people do you think refused?

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Blog: Festive driving traps to avoid

A variety of alcoholic drinks

There are many festive driving traps to avoid, writes motoring journalist Maria McCarthy, whether it's morning-after drink-driving or nodding off at the wheel while driving cross country on the big day itself to see two sets of families.

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A century of car safety

Car safety tech teaser

From the Ford Model T to the well-oiled machines of today, the automobile has an illustrious history of evolution and reinvention. We take you on the journey of car safety's evolution.

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Lazy drivers risk winter road misery

A motorist driving on a wet and icy road

Millions of motorists admit they won't bother with basic car checks this winter despite the safety risks, according to new research.

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Blog: Can we end the war between motorists and cyclists?

A cyclist riding on a city road

Will drivers and cyclists ever be able to live with each other? And does it matter if they can't? Journalist Chris Torney, owner of both a car and a bike, gives his view.

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