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Car insurance traps to avoid

it's a trap
You might know everything there is to know about your car but are you au fait with the finer details of your insurance policy?  Read More…

Top tips for dealing with emergency vehicles

An ambluance in motion

Do you panic when you hear an emergency vehicle's siren because you're not sure what to do? Our insider tips explain how to deal with an emergency vehicle safely.

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Who should teach children about road safety?

Two children on a car carousel
From the Green Cross Code man to Tufty and Superted, road safety messages have always been memorable. But who should teach the current generation about road safety - parents, schools or government?  Read More…

Top winter driving tips from the experts

A motorist witha broken down car in the snow

Darker nights, frosty mornings and icy roads can make driving in winter a challenge for even the most experienced motorist. So we asked top industry experts for their top winter driving tips.

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Do we need lower speed limits on rural roads?

A yellow speed camera
The government is now proposing to make it easier for local authorities to lower speed limits on certain rural roads to 40mph. Will this help cut road deaths?  Read More…

The risks of buying a write-off motor

A red car
Armed with all the facts, buying a car that’s a write-off can be a bargain for cost-conscious buyers – as long as you weigh up all the costs.  Read More…

Summer washout could cost drivers £620

Car with driver side mirror covered in rain
The summer washout could mean a bill of £620 for every rainy day-driver. We find out more - and explain how to protect your car when driving in wet conditions.  Read More…

Remember 'clunk-click every trip'?

A young male driver and an older male driver in separate cars wearing seatbelts

Take a trip down memory lane - but be sure to look right, left and right again before you cross. Motoring journalist Maria McCarthy reminisces about public information films.

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Car makers urged to fit whiplash-prevention systems

Two cars in a front-end crash

Road safety experts are urging vehicle manufacturers to adopt new technology that could reduce the number of whiplash injuries sustained by people in car accidents.

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Cash-strapped drivers delaying car repairs

A mechanic working under a car

More motorists are postponing car repairs, services and MOTs, according to new research. But this is not only potentially dangerous, it's a false economy which could land you with bigger bills.

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