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A century of car safety

Car safety tech teaser

From the Ford Model T to the well-oiled machines of today, the automobile has an illustrious history of evolution and reinvention. We take you on the journey of car safety's evolution.

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Lazy drivers risk winter road misery

A motorist driving on a wet and icy road

Millions of motorists admit they won't bother with basic car checks this winter despite the safety risks, according to new research.

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Top tips for dealing with emergency vehicles

An ambluance in motion

Do you panic when you hear an emergency vehicle's siren because you're not sure what to do? Our insider tips explain how to deal with an emergency vehicle safely.

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What counts as a home emergency?

Man inspecting a boiler

Now the cold weather has set in home insurance providers are standing by to promote home emergency cover. But what counts as an emergency?

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Top winter driving tips from the experts

A motorist witha broken down car in the snow

Darker nights, frosty mornings and icy roads can make driving in winter a challenge for even the most experienced motorist. So we asked top industry experts for their top winter driving tips.

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Who should teach children about road safety?

Two children on a car carousel
From the Green Cross Code man to Tufty and Superted, road safety messages have always been memorable. But who should teach the current generation about road safety - parents, schools or government?  Read More…

Why it pays to check your tyres

Mechanic working on a car

October is National Tyre Safety Month so what better time to make sure your wheels are in tip-top condition - vital for road safety and for protecting your licence.

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Would you get a guard dog to protect your home and family?

German Shepherd in a field
For homeowners, keeping your property secure when you’re both in and out of the house is paramount, with many splashing out on hi-tech alarm systems. But would you ever consider getting a dog to protect your home?  Read More…

Drug use in the UK vs the US

Teaser image for UK vs US drug infographic

The Global Drug Survey polled people in both countries to find out what substances they had used in the past 12 months. We take an interactive look at the results.

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What to do if you're hit by an uninsured driver

toy car accident
What happens if you're involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.  Read More…

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