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UK motorists take a trip down memory lane…

  •  16 Aug, 2013
VW camper van

Brits really are a nation of car lovers, with new research from revealing that four in ten motorists (39%) claim to have had an emotional attachment to the first car they ever owned.

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One in five Brits admit to drug-driving

  •  02 Aug, 2013
drug driving

New research released today by reveals that one in five Brits (19%) admit to having driven under the influence of drugs.

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When am I ‘most likely’ to get burgled?

  •  17 Dec, 2012

Home insurance claims for theft peak in June, November and January according to new stats released by

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Say no to driving in heels and flip flops

Someone texting at the wheel

Whether it's driving in 6-inch heels, a pair of flip flops or barefoot, men and women are both guilty of wearing inappropriate footwear to drive in. We look at your bad driving habits.

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Sat nav blackspot map

Sat nav system

Use this widget to alert road users to nav blackspot areas around the UK. You can upload a report of where you encounter sat nav blackspot issues and how severe they are.

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Getting started in caravanning

Guide icon for caravanning
Our guide shows how to take your first steps to saving money with a caravanning holiday...  Read More…

Road rage

Angry male driver

From road rage and tailgating to near-misses and middle-lane hogging, we delve into the darker side of driving.

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Teaching a learner to drive

Guide icon for teaching a learner to drive car insurance guide
If you're teaching a learner or are about to, have a read of our handy guide to help avoid any mishaps  Read More…

The Walking Bus

Some kids on their way to school

A walking bus is a great way to get your children to school safely. But what is a walking bus? And how do you start one up?

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Motorists and cyclists

Cycle safety map teaser image

Explore our cycle safety hub where you can see accident hotspots around the UK and report your incident. Be sure to check out the videos too.

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