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Why life insurers think British & Irish Lions unhealthy

Sam Warburton

Life insurers use height to weight measurement to judge your health. A high figure and you'll pay for cover. But this would deem top sportsmen such as rugby's British and Irish Lions unhealthy. We take a closer look.

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BRIAN the Robot races Adam Gemili in 100m race

BRIAN the robot

Watch as BRIAN the Robot takes on Olympic sprinter Adam Gemili in a race between man and machine.

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Top 10 skiing and snowboarding fails on YouTube

A skier

Skiing holidays are very popular at this time of year as are the wipe-outs that go hand in hand with winter sports, which is why we've put together the best skiing and snowboarding fails on YouTube.

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Premier League vs NFL on social media

Premier League vs NFL infographic teaser

The American version of football is quite different from the UK's, but which has a bigger following on social media? We take a look at how the Premier League and National Football League stack up when it comes to their online fans.

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Winning Wimbledon tennis tournament

Winning Wimbledon infographic teaser

Arguably the biggest grand-slam tennis tournament, Wimbledon attracts hoards of fans to the All England Tennis and Croquet Club each year. We take a look at the tournament's past, present and future.

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Blog: Active Family Holidays in Summer 2012

sailing in the sea
This summer, many of us are looking forward to the European Football Championships, Wimbledon and, most excitingly of all, the Olympics in London. If you are also in search of sunshine, we’ve rounded up some great destinations where you can try out one of the Olympic sports with almost guaranteed good weather.
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Precious seconds: World records performed in 30 and 60 seconds

World records in 30 seconds infographic teaser

We rarely appreciate what we can do in a single minute. Even just 30 seconds is enough time to complete a host of tasks. We take a look at the best 30 and 60 second Guinness World Records.

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Blog: Get fit on the cheap

You don't need to splash out on gym membership

There are plenty of ways to get back in shape without spending a penny. Find out more here.

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The cost of insuring Britain's most valuable footballer: Wayne Rooney

Digital TV

Insuring the nations most valuable footballer is no easy task but how much insurance is Wayne Rooney actually worth?

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The battle of the ballers: Football vs football

Digital TV

We compare the Chiefs and Eagles with Chelsea and Everton, giving a breakdown some of the key differences in the 2 games

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