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Credit card companies turn to Twitter to entice customers

Credit card and computer keyboard

What do credit cards and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have in common? Some credit card providers are trying to integrate the two. We investgate.

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Review: New Capital One cashback card

Handing over a payment card
If you pay your credit card off in full each month a card that rewards you for your spending could be worth taking advantage of. A new cashback card launched by Capital One – the Aspire Elite – does exactly this.  Read More…

May deal for new Barclaycard customers

A woman with a wad of twenty pound notes

A new offer from Barclaycard could make May the month borrowers start tackling their credit card debt.

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What’s your credit card personality?

A woman with a wad of twenty pound notes
Knowing your credit card personality can help you choose wisely from the vast array of cards on the market.  Read More…

Top 10 shopping tips for men

Penny Golightly logo

Men are paying an additional 26 per cent on top of what they should be for life insurance each year - by failing to shop around.

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Men bigger credit card spenders than women

A silver credit card
Men spend around 15 per cent more on credit cards than their female counterparts, favouring sports and toy stores and DIY purchases, according to new research.  Read More…

Blog: Free sat-nav smartphone apps: Are they a false economy?

Mobile sat nav

Sat-nav devices have undoubtedly made drivers’ lives easier. But these days you can get the same type of service at a much lower cost by downloading an app for your smartphone. Free sat-nav smartphone apps: Are they a false economy?

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Cash in on a credit card reward scheme

Someone handing over a credit card
With the cost of living on the increase, consumers are looking to get more for their money – and rewards when they spend.  Read More…

Apple vs Google

Apple vs Google infographic teaser

Apple and Google are superpowers of the digital age, their names and logos are recognised across the globe and most of utilise their products on a daily basis. takes a look at Google vs Apple, from the guys at the top to stories of their success and failure.

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Barclays launches mobile phone payment app

An iPhone
Barclays has launched a new mobile phone service which allows UK current account holders to send money via their smartphone, simply by knowing the recipient's mobile phone number.  Read More…

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